The winter can seem especially long when you are looking forward to spring. There is not better way to pass the long, last days of winter than busying yourself with some home maintenance. Preventative maintenance is imperative to the upkeep of any home, whether you are looking to sell or just hoping to maintain your home’s value over the long term.

There is a lot of information out there suggesting which home maintenance tasks should be a part of every homeowner’s spring checklist. Still, it’s hard to figure out which tasks are essential and which can be skipped. Keep things simple this spring and stick with these spring home maintenance tips.

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Make Sure Your Exterior is in Tip-Top Shape
The winter months can be hard on the exterior of your home, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather and drastic temperature changes. Begin your spring home maintenance with a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home from top to bottom.

Carefully check your roof for any signs of damage. This could be as obvious as leaks and missing shingles, or appear as buckling or sagging in the roof. If any problems arise, schedule repair immediately to avoid further damage to your home or roof.

Move on to your walls, windows and foundations. Any compromise or damage to the exterior of your home could develop into a more severe problem or negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home. If you notice that air is leaking in our out of your home, use caulking or weather stripping to resolve leaks. If you discover damage to your foundation, schedule repairs with a reputable contractor right away.

Preventative maintenance isn’t limited to problem solving alone. It is also important to spend this time cleaning and picking up your exterior Clean your windows and power wash your exterior if necessary.

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Maintain and Clean Up Your Interior

As temperatures begin to rise, it is important to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for the warm weather. Inspect your unit from top to bottom, looking for leaks in the hoses and replacing the air filter. If any problems arise, schedule a visit with a local air conditioner specialist.

Check your attics and basements for a few common problems. First, pests often try to make a home indoors during the coldest months of the year. Carefully inspect your home for signs of insects or rodents and call in an exterminator if necessary. Next, keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of leaks. This could appear as water damage, a musty smell, or dampness. If a problem is identified, call in a roof or foundation repair specialist to repair the damage. Ignoring leaks could lead to further damage to your home, costing you significantly more money than the cost of a smaller initial repair.

Lastly, spend time on some spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to address the areas of your home that normally go unnoticed during your weekly chores. Clean dust from ceiling fans and hard to reach areas, wipe down trim and doors throughout your home, and have furniture and draperies cleaned.

Keeping up with seasonal maintenance may seem like a lot of work, but committing to these tasks each year will keep you from spending more money and time on bigger problems in the future. Once you have completed this spring home maintenance task, you can enjoy your spring without worrying about the value and well-being of your home.

Mary Saurer