As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, most homeowners will begin to think ahead toward summertime. Before you start scheduling outdoor dinner parties and backyard get-togethers, there are more than a few things that need to be done to get your house in tip-top shape. If the work ahead of you feels overwhelming, don’t worry. Check out this detailed checklist to help you get your home looking its best for summer.


  • Double (or triple) check your air conditioning and HVAC units, especially if you live in an area that requires 24 hour AC use during the summer. This will save you tons of grief on the most sweltering days of the year.
  • Summertime is grill season, so make sure you thoroughly check and clean your grill. Don’t forget to stock up on gas and charcoal and get ready for another summer as the neighborhood grill master.

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  • Clean your indoor ceiling fans thoroughly, removing all traces of dust and dirt before switching them on for the season.
  • Make sure your checklist of spring cleaning jobs is completed, including dusting your home from top to bottom. The more sunlight in your house, the more likely you and your guests will be able to notice dust bunnies and cobwebs.
  • The same goes for windows throughout your home. At the beginning of summer, make sure to clean all your windows, inside and out, for streak free viewing.
  • Check and possibly update your mudroom and laundry space. These areas will be getting tons of use in the summer months, so you will want to make sure everything is clean, organized, and in top working order. Service your washer and dryer if necessary to ensure optimum machine performance.

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  • Test your outdoor watering systems, changing pipes and hoses if necessary. Don’t forget to set a schedule for your system to keep your grass looking its best on hot, dry days.
  • If you have a decking area, check and replace rotting or loose boards throughout to save yourself from splinters and unsightly flooring. Re-stain the entire deck for an inexpensive but effective renovation.
  • Pool require tons of regular maintenance, so make sure yours is thoroughly cleaned and refilled before swimming season starts. Don’t forget poolside seating areas and any chemical treatments that may be needed to enhance water quality.
  • Give your porch a facelift with new lighting, seating and decorations. Fix any broken railings or floorboards and consider hiring a professional if your porch needs are more than a few nails and a coat of paint.
  • While you’re at it, update the rest of your entryway to give maximum curb appeal. Repaint your front door, add a trendy new number sign and accessorize with a seasonal wreath or hanging basket.
  • Consider updating your outdoor entertaining area. If you’re looking for a larger DIY project, why not build your own pergola or add flagstones for an outdoor dining area.

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  • It’s important not to neglect your landscaping as the seasons change. Either get on top of it yourself or give yourself a leg up and hire a professional the first time around to help your lawn look its very best.
  • Check the exterior of your home, including roofing and gutters. Roof issues will require a professional’s handiwork but gutters can be cleaned easily on your own in late spring after the trees have finished blooming.
  • Finally, consider pressure washing the siding or other exterior portions of your house and driveway. You will be amazed at what a little bit of water can do for the exterior of your home.

Kaitlin Krull